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Pretty Feet Club

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The magical three ways


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No matter which of the three sides you choose. The first step is always the registration. Just do it, it’s not that hard. You get here everything the heart of a foot fetishist desires. You don’t have to look any further. Just sign up.


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On my first page you can choose a flexible subscription. On the other two sites, registration is free. Add coins directly anyway. Enjoy all the features and benefits to finally make your mental cinema come true.


Be happy

Wow, you’ve added credits! Now you can finally live out your fantasies and feel comfortable in your new home. You invest in your own well-being, because with me you don’t have to pretend. You will be understood and finally free.


I have summarized here a few answers to the questions I am most often asked.

No. No matter which of the three sites you log on to. For me only the username is visible. On and on I also see your email address. I also send out newsletters on these two sites. I don’t see anything else from you. Also no payment information. When you make calls on my hotline, I can’t see anything from you. Your private data is 100% anonymous to me.

Weekly. On average I publish 2-3 videos a week. Of course, it can also happen that only one clip appears in seven days, but that is the exception. In Pretty Feet Club you will of course get to see new videos every day, because there are a lot of footgirls registered there.

If you are masculine, submissive, reliable and above all well-groomed, this possibility exists. However, the only way to get there is to make an inquiry through one of the three sites I mentioned here. I only shoot with my users and don’t waste time on the usual candidates who are out for a free fun of their fantasies. Who is too stingy to send me a message about my pages does not fit into my concept of attraction.

No. If you are one then I have to disappoint you at this point. Of course you are welcome to enjoy my videos as a user.

No. I have my regular photographers. I also don’t pay anyone to photograph me. If you still have an appealing portfolio you may contact me via one of my pages. Maybe you can take some photos during a video shoot. Again, if you are too cheap to send me a message through my pages, you don’t fit into my search.

I am basically not looking for anyone. I already have everything I want. Nevertheless I am open for solvent, submissive foot lovers, bi slaves and obedient as well as educated subs who are fit in ad campaigns and online marketing. I have my regular team. Of course, I am always happy about new traffic sources in this area. Requests for this also only via one of my pages. I don’t pay you or look for “partners”. Your abilities should be a sign of your affection for me.

That is simple. I am not looking for small talk, new “buddies” and I am not there to satisfy your fantasies for free. The WhatsApp contact is only used to arrange real, paid sessions. Messages like “Hi”, “Hi there”, “How are you?”, as well as everything that is not compatible with me and my current location or my “service” will without exception end up directly on my ignore list. For this kind of communication you can use my three pages and my hotline.


What you can expect in my stores in total.

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